Scandinavian bedroom décor: 11 pieces to nail the trend

Cosy textures, simple but impactful design, and neutral tones.

scandinavian bedroom décor 11 pieces to nail the trend
House Beautiful Marketplace

Scandinavian décor isn’t going anywhere fast. With cosy textures, simple but impactful design, and neutral tones, it’s the perfect fit for many homes and complements a wide range of interiors. If you're looking for designs that are stylish yet have a relaxed, informal appeal, then Scandinavian décor is the right fit for you.

Bedrooms, in particular, are a great place to overhaul or inject with all things Scandinavian. After all, no room in the house benefits more from a relaxed environment. The House Beautiful Marketplace is a treasure trove of styles to choose from - and, luckily for you, we've picked out all our favourite pieces.

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The Basket - Scandi Bedroom Furniture
Safi Basket Natural Brown
House Beautiful Marketplace
Broste Copenhagen

It’s time to upgrade your tired old laundry hamper with a brand new basket. The Safi Basket from Broste Copenhagen is practical, versatile and stylish. The woven design is a way of incorporating texture into your bedroom interior – a must if you're aiming for a Scandinavian aesthetic.

The Chest of Drawers - Scandi Bedroom Furniture
Odette Chest of Drawers in Oak
House Beautiful Marketplace

Featuring six spacious drawers in a classically understated Nordic style, getting your bedroom in order never looked so good. The Odette Chest of Drawers is just the thing for those with lots of clothes to tidy away. Better yet, the large surface area on top leaves lots of room for styling. We recommend adding a similarly stylish lamp and your favourite vase for an understated look.

The Table Lamp - Scandi Bedroom Furniture
Lolly Table Lamp Opal
House Beautiful Marketplace
Broste Copenhagen

We can't get enough of this lamp. With matte opaline glass and an intriguingly textured finish, it's both subtle and eye-catching. Use it to dress up your bedside table and amp up the cosiness.

The Bed Throw - Scandi Bedroom Furniture
Broste Copenhagen Fie Throw in Multicolour
House Beautiful Marketplace

Upgrade your bedding with a contemporary throw – it's the perfect way to upgrade your space in a matter of moments. The print is eye-catching and the colours are reminiscent of the 1970s. Pair with a neutrally coloured duvet set and let the throw be the showstopper.

The Side Table - Scandi Bedroom Furniture
Anja Side Table
House Beautiful Marketplace

If you want a great example of form and function, look no further than the Anja Side Table. Curved edges add extra visual intrigue to the design, as does the cutout section that serves as a drawer handle. The simple wood finish is about as Scandinavian as things get.

The Stool - Scandi Bedroom Furniture
Agda Knitted Stool in Grey
House Beautiful Marketplace

Inspired by the Danish concept of Hygge, the Agda Stool is a cosy way to add some Scandinavian influence to your bedroom. Use as a dressing table stool, footrest or side table – it's up to you!

The Candle - Scandi Bedroom Furniture
Bend Candle in Honey
House Beautiful Marketplace
Broste Copenhagen

Candle or ornament? You decide! Masters of Scandinavian design, Broste Copenhagen have created another winning style with their Bend Candle in Honey. Style with a stack of your favourite books on your bedside table for some classic Scandi cosiness. We can’t bear to light it.

The Mirror - Scandi Bedroom Furniture
Murphy Dressing Mirror
House Beautiful Marketplace

In signature Scandi style, the Murphy Dressing Mirror is the perfect example of less being more. Cool-toned oak and a pared-back silhouette combine to create a mirror that is beautiful in its simplicity. Place on your dressing table to create the perfect spot to get ready for the day ahead.

The Cushion - Scandi Bedroom Furniture
Arya Cushion in Black and White
House Beautiful Marketplace

Tactile textures are at the heart of Scandinavian design; they’re informal, cosy and add visual depth. The Arya Cushion features playful tassels and a tufted finish, perfect for getting cosy. We recommend mixing and matching similar cushions to elevate the look of your bed.

The Console Table - Scandi Bedroom Furniture
Odette Console Table in Oak
House Beautiful Marketplace

Look closely at the Odette Console Table and you’ll see why it’s so special. The subtle chevron inlay is complemented by a clean silhouette and tapered legs. Practical as it is aesthetically pleasing, we think this is a brilliant addition to any bedroom, whether you use it as a dressing table or as your work from home station.

The Desk - Scandi Bedroom Furniture
Daphne Desk in Grey
House Beautiful Marketplace

If you’re short on space and need multifunctional bedroom furniture, the Daphne Desk works well for a whole variety of purposes. A handy drawer is great for tucking things away, whilst the desk itself is perfect as a dressing table, desk or console table. If your bedroom has to serve a variety of uses, furniture such as this is always a winner.

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